After allowing Maldrick to consecrate the Proving Grounds to Yeenoghu, the party found the Sacred Chamber rapidly decaying into a portal to the Abyss. The party was forced from the chamber and back into the Proving Grounds, which were also rapidly changing around them. The ground beneath their feet seemed to be changing gradually into a savannah, and grasping, entangling briars spread across the floor. Walls had collapsed in places, doors had been thrown asunder, and enemies they had previously slain had risen from the dead to block their escape. At the same time, a pair of abyssal breaches fed off injured party members. Dispelling the skeletal guards and forcing the undead dragon to submit to their powers, the party clawed its way out of the Proving Grounds Their exit, however, was blocked yet again by more of their previous foes, a group of gnolls who had also risen from the grave.

Bloodied and nearly broken from their campaign, the party makes its way back to the Seven Pillared Hall to see what kind of welcoming the Mages of Saruun have for them . . .



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