Return to the Seven Pillared Hall

"We Appear to have a Situation..."

Bloodied and nearly broken, the party began to make its way back to the Seven Pillared Hall. Along the way, they were met by agents of the Mages of Saruun, two tieflings and an entourage of silvered spearmen, who led them back and brought them before the Mages. Teleported to an audience chamber within the Mages’ tower, the party met with the Mages to plan their next step. The Mages explained their displeasure at the opening of the abyssal rift and seemed to hold the party at least partially responsible. However, they explained, before anything could be done about the rift, they would need the party’s assistance in dealing with Paldemar, the traitor in their midst, and locating an arcane object that Paldemar has been using to channel energy from magical objects to himself as a means of increasing his power. They offered the party some minor help but explained that they could not act directly against Paldemar.

Guided by a silver key they found in the Proving Grounds, the party discovered a secret passage near the northern end of the Seven Pillared Hall, which in turn led to a room where they encountered an ethereal specter resembling Vecna. They negotiated with the specter for passage into the tower but were charged a steep cost for entering after their avenger, a follower of Ioun, challenged the specter directly. Short on powers and feeling weakened the party nevertheless was teleported into Paldemar’s tower.

Within the tower, the party fought its way past norker guards to the second level of the tower. There, they were confronted by more norkers and enigmas, as well as a bronze warder, who they also dispatched without taking much damage. Having vanquished their foes, they began to search this level of the tower…



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